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The Russian Alphabet

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The Russian Alphabet

Post by Savannah on Sun Aug 13, 2017 10:53 pm

The Russian Alphabet
(Russian is written using Cyrillic script)

А аА аLike "a" in car"ah"
Б бB bLike "b" in bat"beh"
В вV vLike "v" in van"veh"
Г гG gLike "g" in go"geh"
Д дD dLike "d" in dog"deh"
Е еYE yeLike "ye" in yet"yeh"
Ё ёYO yoLike "yo" in yonder"yo"
Ж жZh zhLike "s" in measure or pleasure
or like "g" in beige (the colour)
З зZ zLike "z" in zoo"zeh"
И иEE eeLike "ee" in see"ee"
Й йI i or Y ylike "y" in boy or toy"ee kratkoyeh"
К кK kLike "k" in kitten, "c" in cat."kah"
Л лL lLike "l" in light"ehl"
М мM mLike "m" in mat"ehm"
Н нN nLike "n" in no"ehn"
О оStressed: O o
Unstressed: A a
Like "o" in bore
Like "a" in car
П пP pLike "p" in pot"peh"
Р рR rLike "r" in run (rolled)"ehr"
С сS sLike "s" in sam"ehs"
Т тT tLike "t" in tap"teh"
У уU uLike "oo" in boot"oo"
Ф фF fLike "f" in fat"ehf"
Х хH h, KH khLike "h" in hello or like
the "ch" in Scottish 'loch' or German 'Bach'
Ц цTS tsLike "ts" in bits"tseh"
Ч чCH chLike "ch" in chip"cheh"
Ш шSH sh (hard)Like "sh" in shut"shah"
Щ щSH sh (soft)Like "sh" in sheep"schyah"
Ъ ъHard SignLetter before is hard"tvyordiy znahk"
Ы ыI iLike "i" in ill"i"
Ь ьSoft SignLetter before is soft"myagkeey znahk"
Э эE eLike "e" in pet"eh"
Ю юYU yuLike "u" in use or university"yoo"
Я яYA yaLike "ya" in yard."yah"

Some Charts:

This is another version of the same Russian alphabet that you might have a better liking to:
(it's the same alphabet, but has some additional features)

Lastly, here is another pronunciation chart:

credit to cammy for my set | credit to stacy for my button
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